A Moral Business With Moral Goals

We are located in Highland Illinois. We have a largely different business design than most. Ideally, we would like to expand enough to be able to employ disabled people. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I worked in several office positions and those eventually fell through. So, I decided that I wanted to try to break out and make my own opportunity. Mike has run several successful businesses in the past and so, here we are trying to burn our own path. “Don’t wait for opportunity, create it!”

It had always been one of my dreams to attend college and I waited  10 years before chasing that dream and despite the fact that I don't drive I was going to find a way to get though. With the help of the Division of Rehabilitation and friends that I met along the way, they would give me rides to and from college as needed and in May of 2010-I graduated with and Associate in Applied Science as an Office Assistant. I never want my disability to be the thing that defines me. People just look at me a lot of time and think that I just want to sit around and do nothing. No, I want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I want to help others along the way the way that I have been helped. I want to leave this ball of dirt better than I found it. After losing my last job in December of 2015 after a year and half, I was done with trying to go down a traditional path. God knows that He has to shove me because I am hardheaded. He made me that way.

Mike worked a lot of traditional jobs himself and he got tired of the office politics and decided he was better off working for himself where he could make intelligent, common sense decisions without punishment.

He got involved with computers and the internet in the late 90's. He started in chat administration and quickly started learning html coding where he built several websites by hand. In 2006 he started a yard game business that led to doing decal and t-shirt work. In 2008 he started really honing his skills in Photoshop while designing paint textures for Microsoft Flight Simulator X virtual aircraft. Since then, he has done a lot of work with logo design and image vectoring for use in cutting vinyl decals.



No Right Click

You don't really want to do that do you?